Knee Joint Pain

It has become an easy matter recently, as there are many people who suffer from joint pain that appears with age, we will get acquainted with the opinion of the best orthopedic doctor in Jeddah within the framework of a detailed explanation of the different methods and treatment methods.

roughness of the knee

It is a disease that results from eroding the cartilage that covers the knee joint, and it acts as an elastic cushion to reduce the friction between the bones for easy movement, and it happens gradually as the cartilage on the surface of the joint weakens, then cracks and begins to erode until the surface of the bone becomes exposed, increasing contact with the bones and making movement difficult.

Treatment for knee roughness:

A question that comes to the minds of people with this painful disease, and in fact there are several medical, surgical and non-surgical methods, and the choice of method depends on seeing the doctor and diagnosing the condition if it is in its early, middle or late stages that many options do not fit with,

Treatment methods:

Treatment with topical creams and medications:

Medicines for knee roughness, including analgesics and anti-inflammatories, help reduce pain, swelling and symptoms of roughness, but it must be supervised by a doctor so that it does not cause other side effects, especially for the elderly and those with heart disease and blood pressure.

Physical therapy and knee roughness exercises:

Physiotherapy sessions and knee roughness exercises help in strengthening the knee muscles, improving the range of joint movement and reducing pain, in addition to performing exercises for knee roughness that help in strengthening the thigh muscles in general for ease of movement.

Hypothermic Therapy:

It is considered an analgesic to reduce pain, but it does not eliminate roughness, and it is done through radiation and local anesthesia. The sensory nerves that feed the knee joint are targeted and a weak electric current is generated to heat up small parts of the nerves that transmit pain signals, so their function is temporarily disrupted and thus pain relief is a symptom. Roughness of the knee and the effect of this treatment method lasts for months.

Plasma injection for knee roughness:

With medical advances and the advent of plasma and platelet injections, PRP has been used by injection, where a blood sample is taken from the patient, and it is placed in a device for several minutes to separate the blood components from the plasma and platelets, then the knee is injected with platelets that contain growth factors and help in healing the injuries And reduce knee pain and prevent the deterioration of the condition, but it is not very useful in late cases.

Benefits of plasma injection therapy for knee roughness:

  • Plasma therapy helps repair knee tissue.
  • Plasma therapy is completely safe and has no side effects.
  • The patient will feel significantly better within a few weeks.
  • The injection can be repeated more than once under a doctor’s supervision, so it is not harmful.

Some tips for people with stiff knee:

  • Reducing excess weight, which is one of the most important steps that must be taken. Obesity puts great pressure on the joints.
  • Avoid standing for long periods as it increases stress on the knee joint and increases its pain.
  • Avoid going up and down the stairs too much so as not to put more pressure on the knee.
  • Go up the stairs slowly and use the edge of the stairs to hold onto.
  • When climbing stairs, you must place the healthy foot first, then the injured foot on the same stairs, and so on, to reduce pressure on the injured knee,And the opposite when going down.
  • Avoid wrong sitting positions such as squatting or any position in which the knee is bent more than 90 degrees.
  • Try to reduce the loads you are carrying so that they do not overload the knee joint.
  • Avoid wearing high heels.
  • Try to walk regularly to strengthen muscles and improve cartilage.
  • Performing exercises (knee roughness exercises) to strengthen the knee and thigh muscle, under the doctor’s guidance.
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