What is diabetes?

  • diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs due to the inability of the “pancreatic” gland to produce an adequate amount of insulin “The hormone that regulates blood sugar ” Or, when the body is unable to use the insulin that it produced as required, insulin works to neutralize, redistribute and regulate the sugar “glucose” in the blood, delivering it to tissues and muscles in specific proportions needed by the body, and causes a rise strong> blood sugar level without controlling it has many damages to many body systems in the long term, but it is the main energy source for the brain and an important energy source for the cells that make up muscles, tissues and nerves.

Types of Diabetes

There are many cases of diabetes, such as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, but this type may be cured after childbirth, types and causes of diabetes:

Type 1:

  • Type 1 diabetes affects children and young adults up to the age of forty, except that it appears mostly in childhood or adolescence, and the main cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown. However, there are some explanations for this disease, including resistance to a device Immunity and destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas; What leads to the accumulation of sugar in the blood due to the lack of insulin in the body, and there is another explanation for diabetes at an early age, such as environmental and genetic factors, without knowing what these factors are specifically, and there are no means to prevent it yet.

Type 2:

  • Diabetes is the most common type, as statistics indicate that the number of people with type 2 diabetes in the world recorded a significant increase of about 150 million, and is expected to rise to 330 million Infected until 2025, and it can appear at any age, except that it often appears in the later stages of life and the post-youth stages, and the body in this type of diabetes is unable to use insulin effectively; And it often occurs due to obesity or lack of exercise, and physical laziness, as the likelihood of people of a healthy weight and fitness developing diabetes is very small, even if he has a decrease in the secretion of insulin.
  • Diabetes treatment and prevention methods

    The treatment of diabetes depends mainly on its type, and the treatment of diabetes differs from one person to another, and this is determined by the examinations for each case to determine the rate of high blood sugar, and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important elements of controlling diabetes, as well as maintaining public health. By following a healthy diet and practicing sports and physical activities.

    Treatment for Diabetes Type 1:

    • Monitor and record the average blood sugar concentration and the body to determine the appropriate insulin dose.
    • Insulin injections, whether taken once a day to provide the body with the basic insulin ratio, or short-term insulin taken directly after eating daily meals.

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    Treatment for Diabetes Type 2:

    • Treatment of diabetes in this category depends on attention to the overall health condition of the patient and the overall medication with which he is treated, due to the prevalence of other diseases in addition to diabetes, and treatment in this category varies between drugs taken orally or injected, depending on the patient’s condition as determined The doctor, after examining the patient’s health condition and the rate of precipitated sugar in the blood, and it is possible to prescribe insulin therapy by injection with other drugs that are taken by mouth to balance the disease, and doctors pay more attention to monitoring the concentration of glucose in the blood ، In order to decide the appropriate treatment for patients and the need to add other drugs to better balance the disease, and in addition to direct treatments to reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood, doctors are interested in following up the daily life patterns of each patient to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, such as limiting smoking, treating hypertension, and treating hyperlipidemia. Blood, and concern for healthy living in terms of food and sport.

    Symptoms of Diabetes :

    Diabetes symptoms vary depending on the amount of high blood sugar level, and mostly people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes may not experience symptoms at first, unlike cases of type 1 diabetes, in which symptoms tend to appear quickly. And they are more severe, and the symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are most often the same, represented by:

    • Increased thirst
    • Urinating frequently
    • Sensation of extreme hunger
    • Weight loss for unclear and unexplained reasons
    • Burnout
    • Blurry vision
    • Slow-healing sores and slow-healing wounds
    • Recurrent infections, such as skin or vaginal infections

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    Gestational Diabetes

    • A woman develops gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, because the placenta secretes hormones that maintain pregnancy and is more resistant to insulin, although the pancreas tries to secrete more insulin, but it cannot face this resistance sometimes, and it results in a deposition of sugar in the blood and some Cells cause gestational diabetes, and women remain infected with it only during pregnancy, but not a few women develop diabetes during pregnancy.

    Treating Diabetes Pregnancy:

    • To avoid complications during childbirth, and to maintain the health of the fetus, the blood sugar level of the pregnant woman must be balanced, and the treatment of gestational diabetes may include continuous monitoring of the level of blood sugar, and the use of insulin in some cases if necessary, as well as maintaining a diet Healthy and suitable for nutritional levels necessary for pregnancy, taking into account that no excess deposits of sugar in the blood occur.

    Treatment for high blood sugar before diabetes:

    • A healthy lifestyle is the key to treatment in cases of high blood sugar, and controls the return of the blood sugar level to its normal level or at least prevent its rise to the levels recorded in diabetes. It is useful to maintain A healthy weight, exercise and a healthy diet.

    Diabetes Prevention

    • Since type 1 diabetes occurs mostly for hereditary reasons, it is not possible to prevent diabetes in this case, but diabetes can be treated by the aforementioned methods. However, a healthy lifestyle and continuous exercise contribute mainly to treating some stage and symptoms Pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes, prevention and prevention.

    There are basic steps that must be followed to prevent diabetes, including:

    • Ensure proper healthy nutrition, maintain a person’s healthy weight, avoid obesity and avoid hydrogenated fats, fried and processed foods; As it limits the body’s ability to absorb protein, and reduces the secretion of insulin in the body. This increases blood sugar levels, avoids excessive intake of sugars and sweeteners; They prevent the production of insulin, and it is possible to replace these sweets with fruits, and to stay away from foods rich in carbohydrates, such as: white rice, Pasta, flour and pastries, and replace them with other types of carbohydrates rich in fiber, such as: oats and whole grains. Avoid smoking areas, as it increases the risk of diabetes due to its effect on the heart, blood vessels and hormonal secretions. Increase physical activity and exercise regularly. As they enhance blood flow in the body, reduce blood sugar levels, and enhance metabolism.
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